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KS2 Section

I know that orders can be sent as downloads but I’m not sure how to download or what it entails. What do I do?

All you need is the Internet and a browser. I will send you an email with the download link.


Accessing a download from the link you would be sent is very easy.

As soon as I’ve uploaded the folder of resources, you get an email from MailBigFile. You also get an email from me, giving you the link. All you have to do is click on the link.

Try it now, the new link is:

Click the download button as instructed

Orders of around £30 or less in value are always sent as download links through Mail Big File.

If your order is too big to send via download links I’ll contact you to let you know I’ll be sending you CDs instead.

Scroll a bit further down for full details.

All orders are sent via download links to your PayPal email address. If this is not a valid email address please contact me to give an alternative email address or add ‘instructions’ to your PayPal order before paying at checkout.


Click to email

Admin costs for downloads will be shown as postage charges at checkout and are added automatically. These charges (usually £2 per complete order) are not refunded as providing this service costs.


Click to email


After you’ve paid with PayPal a new window will open. This will have information about downloads and how to contact me. Also…..

If I’m away from my computer for any length of time you will be informed of this and told what to do if you can’t wait for your order.

To see this page Click Here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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