KS1Resources is not an automatic/instant download site but I check my emails regularly throughout the day and will send download links  to your PayPal email address

On March 13th 2015 puppy Charlie arrived. He’s the cutest Cairn terrier puppy, great fun and a real character!

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PLEASE MAKE SURE I HAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS that you check regularly for messages. If you don’t receive an email from me within 24 hours and you think your order is missing, use the form above to contact me.

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Please read the following information - it’s important!

Please read the following information about what to do if I’m having a break.

Sometimes I need a break, what can you do if you’ve sent an order and I’m on a break?

I constantly check my computer for orders but, like everyone else, I sometimes need a day off or a break from the computer. If you’ve sent your order and paid through PayPal you will have arrived at this page which will tell you when (or if) I’m having an extended break (or a full 24 hours off) and won’t be able to check for emails or send download links.  

(There is a link to this information on my homepage)

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that most of you will be able to wait until I’m back at my computer.

If you really can’t wait for me to get back to my computer and you want a refund……

Please contact me using the contact form above.

Make sure you write your full name and REFUND NEEDED in the body of the message. It helps if you tell me when you ordered so that I can find your order quickly.

 If you want to go ahead with your order

Please be patient. I will be hard at work as soon as I get back to my computer and will do my very best to clear the orders as quickly as possible.  

Remember that this is NOT an instant download site but delivery is quick.

Almost ALL orders are  sent as download links and are sent to your PayPal email address - unless you give me an alternative email address when you order.

 Download links are time limited -  I’m afraid it’s not my fault if your PayPal email address is invalid or you don’t download within the 21 day time limit :-(

If you fail to download your order in time I’m afraid you will be charged a fee if you ask me to upload again. Please don’t let that happen to you! Click Here


If you need to give me an alternative email please contact me using the form below

Thank you for your order. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

You can submit a message using the form below.  


What can I do if I forget to download my links in the time allowed or if I don’t save them to my computer and then the links expire?

When I email the links to you I ask that you download the links as soon as possible and that you don’t allow the links to expire before you’ve saved the resources to your computer or laptop.  However, there are still a few people who don’t download within the time limit - 21 days - or don’t save their resources, or ‘lose’ them and then contact me weeks later asking if I’ll send them again.  

I’m afraid that refunds will not be given if you allow your links to expire or don’t save them, and if you want me to upload the resources again, you will need to pay a £3 fee before I do another upload..

You can pay the £3 fee by logging on to your PayPal account and sending £3 to my email address.

To avoid having to pay another upload fee, please make sure I have a valid email address that I can send your resources to and that you don’t allow your links to expire before you’ve saved your resources to your computer or laptop. Thank you for your co-operation.

Log into your account, click on ‘pay or send money’ on the menu bar and this is what you’ll see (above).

You’ll need to email me or send me a message (see how to above) so that I know what the £3 is for and that I need to do another upload, otherwise I won’t know what the money is for!

You will receive reminders via Mail Big File if you don’t download your links on the day they are sent and MBF will keep a record of these.


Fill out my online form.
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Please note I DO NOT offer a laminating service for the PDF files on site.