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Charlie the Cairn Terrier was born on 14/1/15 and is the most courageous, friendly, cheerful , wonderful puppy ever.  Here  are some photos of the lovely Charlie……….

Butter wouldn’t melt ………

Been here a week and I’m now 9 weeks old.

It’s probably too high to jump off here but I’m thinking about it …

You woke me up!

The hoover can’t get me if I hide here (behind the settee)

On aunty nanny’s settee…

(name courtesy of the lovely Henry)

Who ….. Me?

12 weeks old and I’ve got a new best friend called George who’s 14 months and teaching me how to play nicely.

You know I can’t be good ALL of the time

George has come to play with me nearly every day this week. I hope he’ll come again….

Am I cute or what?

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13 weeks old now and got a new best friend Max the labrador. Max is eleven and supposed to be scared of little dogs but I didn’t notice; he let me run around old nanny Cartledge’s garden with him for ages this afternoon. I loved it!

Me and Max playing nicely.

This is aunty-nanny’s 14 year old dog Oliver. He’s a  really old dog and he isn’t very keen on me because his legs hurt and I’m  a puppy and too lively for him BUT today Max wore me out playing so aunty-nanny managed this blurry photo of us. I think Oliver is still not very keen on me and my two grown ups say they know exactly why ….. !

Look how much I’ve grown in four weeks! Now I’m 13 weeks old and starting to learn what “no” means..

Not a lot bothers Charlie the fearless pup but he really didn’t want to walk past this sculpture of a fisherman at Tittesworth Water Park akaTittesworth Reservoir where we went for dinner and ice-cream with aunty-nanny.

21/4/15 Link

Starting to get a bit more sensible with Oliver (at last!) 27/4/15

Another play visit with best friend George  30/4/15.

Who’s winning?

PLEASE will you play with me Oliver?

Oliver and Charlie 1/5/15

Mum, he’s looking at me!

Just what have I got to do to get HIM to play?

Up to mischief again!

But still cute

Now I can jump up onto the settee (at last!)


It finally stopped raining and the sun was out. Walked all the way to Rudyard Lake with Max.

Max! Wait for me !

Day nine off my lead and getting better all the time (so long as there are NO distractions!)


Playing football with my favourite boys.

Can I?

Yes I can!

June 7th 2015

Charlie swimming in the River Churnet for the first time! Age 20 weeks. What a star.

‘Ello, ‘ello. What’s this ‘ere?

‘Maybe not!

June 15th - 21 weeks old

Charlie comes nose to nose with aunty nanny’s favourite cows …..

(Having only days before, run for help when Taz’s human fell in the river which was so deep she was up to her neck in water and couldn’t get out.  Hopefully no more of Charlie’s adventures will be quite like the lady in the water adventure!)

Blimey, HOW MANY!

Favourite places to chill out and sleep …

The fearless (can sleep through thunder and lightning) Charlie wasn’t so fearless when he came across this wooden sculpture of a monster rhino on a family day out at Trentham Gardens in June ….

Maybe in another life Charlie lived in a hutch …

On one of Charlie’s many times a week visits to Tittesworth a brilliant place for a puppy!

Was this really me?

It’s hard to remember because I was only six weeks old and still too young to leave my mummy, Tilly, and my  two brothers and three little sisters.

This is Charlie’s aunty Tracy. She’s Hugo’s mummy and looks very pretty in her new makeup. If you click on her picture you can see her new Younique Beauty TLC website and look as pretty as she does ……..

January 14th 2016: Charlie is now one year old, there are more pictures of him on Facebook (work in slow progress) Click Here to go there